Access control

Access control is almost literally checking and managing access to your company or specific part, such as the warehouse/storage room. Instead of the old lock and key method, your company is electronically protected with these methods via an access control system. This is done with special electronic keys and readers instead of the usual locks and keys. Access control offers you the option of checking whom, where and when someone has access to and inside your company. This provides a sense of safety.

Did you know that? Access control can also be used to register the presence of your staff.

Why choose access control?

  • Handy to use
  • Economical
  • Modern
  • Safe

With an access control system, each member of staff or visitor gets a special key at each door, gate or barrier. All they have to do is hold their key in front of the reader and access will be granted or refused, depending on what is assigned to them. If the key is lost, no locks need to be replaced, so you are always assured that your building is protected and this isn’t feasible with ordinary locks and keys.


You can choose the following options with which you manage the access to your company and protect property:

  • (Door) intercom
  • Electronic access system

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