Alarm system in your company

An alarm system ensures that, if an unwanted visitor enters your company or house, an alarm signal goes off. This signal can be given locally via a siren combined with a flashing light. The alarm signal is sent to a specific remote emergency centre. The agreed action is taken from this emergency centre. We cooperate with the renowned Securitas radio room (approval PAC 46).

Did you know that? You can save costs if you enter into a combination contract where maintenance and the radio room are in one package.   

Certified security firm

We are a demonstrable VEB and KIWA certified security firm for alarm systems up to the highest hazard class. As CVV BORG technical security firm we show that the alarm system is installed expertly and safely and maintained according to the applicable installation regulations. We focus on quality every day and also supply qualitative alarm systems of professional company Honeywell. Apart from installing new alarm system, we can also take over existing ones. Feel free to contact us for a non-committal price comparison.

Extra options

You can also have your alarm system connected to your security cameras. When the alarm signal goes off, you can choose to grant the radio room access to your camera images via the Live View service. This allows an immediate signalisation in the radio room. In addition, you can also link a panic button and fog generator to your alarm system. A fog generator ensures that the burglars can’t see, read more about the fog generator. Apart from a fixed panic button that can be used independently as well as integrated in the alarm system, you can also choose a mobile panic button. A mobile panic button gives you a feeling of safety on the way home, or to the bank.