Camera surveillance in the cloud

Een Veilig Gevoel B.V. is the market leader in the Netherlands in the area of camera surveillance with image storage in the cloud, a proven safer way of storage than via a recorder. Camera surveillance is essential for the safety of your company. We use qualitative high grade Axis IP cameras that are positioned by our employees FREE OF CHARGE.

Did you know that? Storage of the camera images can also be done in the cloud. This is a proven safer way of storage than via a recorder.

View your images 24/7

The images are stored in the cloud for seven days to prevent theft or sabotage of a local recorder. The advantage of storing in the cloud is that you can view images 24/7 via the computer, smartphone and/or tablet. This provides a sense of safety.

This is already possible from 14.95 per month.

Did you know that? With a view of the entrances people feel more at ease.

Certified security firm

We are a demonstrably certified KIWA security firm for K21039 video systems. We focus on quality every day and also supply the best quality video systems.

Extra options

The camera system can be extended with a client counter, confrontation screen, live view and extra storage for 14 or even 28 days. A client counter registers the number of visitors, passageways, etc. via the camera. If you have a confrontation screen hung up at the entrance, this can scare off unwanted visitors. The screen can also be used to represent an overview of all camera images, like in the office or warehouse for several spaces. With live view you can link your camera system to the alarm system, so when the radio room gets an alarm notification, they can watch live on the cameras.