Fog generator

Camera surveillance and an alarm system generally ensure that your company is not a target for burglars. In spite of these usually sufficient measures, there are still burglars who take the risk to enter a well-protected company. To ensure that as little as possible is taken away, we offer the fog generator. Een Veilig Gevoel offers the fog generator from 54.95 per month.

A fog generator fills a space within a few seconds with a dense fog because of which one can literally not even see a hand in front of one’s face. This ensures that the burglar can no longer orient himself. Burglars can’t steal what they can’t see!

Advantages of a fog generator

  • Burglars are deprived of their sight; they can no longer orient themselves and can’t see the loot;
  • It provides extra protection against theft, burglary and vandalism;
  • The fog is entirely safe and non-harmful;
  • The fog generator is inspected in accordance with the European standard;
  • Positive influence on your insurance premium.

Fog protection for big and small spaces

There are practically no limitations to the spaces and valuable products with fog protection. Every day our fog generators protect companies of various sizes against theft, high insurance premiums and vandalism.

'You can’t steal what you can’t see’

Subscription to Safety, fog generator from just 54.95 per month.

Cigo Papendrecht uses, among others, the fog generator service, watch the video: