Market leader of storage in the Cloud

Een Veilig Gevoel B.V. is the market leader in the Netherlands in the area of camera surveillance with image storage in the cloud, a proven safer method of storage than via a recorder. As a security specialist, we see to the demand for various security services, such as camera surveillance, alarm systems, fog generators, access control and AED, via a ‘Subscription to Safety’.

Subscription to Safety

The concept of Een Veilig Gevoel was developed in 2010. Originally in IT company Fitsz Meer Automatisering, where a client had the need to remotely protect his holiday home abroad using cameras. In addition, it wanted to pay for this service once a month. A “Subscription to Safety” was born. It soon turned out that there was a major need for the concept, especially among entrepreneurs.

Een Veilig Gevoel B.V.

On 1 December 2011 Een Veilig Gevoel BV was established to put this concept on the market. 2012 was the year when Een Veilig Gevoel B.V. actively started providing a camera surveillance service with storage in the cloud via a 'Subscription to Safety'. In the meantime, the company has developed further, applied structure to their operations (systems, processes and procedures) and carried out a variety of marketing communication activities. 

Total unburdening without an investment

Apart from the camera surveillance service, the alarm system, fog generator, access control and --since 2016- also AED services were added. This is to remove all worries of entrepreneurs in the area of safety, all without an investment. In addition, the number of employees increased from five FTE in 2011 to more than 40 FTE in 2016. We work with reliable and our own people, who all have a ‘Certificate of Conduct’ declaration, for office duties at the support department as well as the fieldwork department at the technical service.

Certified security firm

Een Veilig Gevoel B.V. has also been KIWA certified for CVV BORG technical security firm and K21039 video systems since 2016. As a KIWA certified company we demonstrate that the systems (camera surveillance/alarm systems) are professionally and reliably installed and maintained. We focus on quality and also supply qualitative systems on a daily basis. This has now been rewarded with this certification.

Protected optimally

Many entrepreneurs in the retail trade and the catering industry, but also in other sectors have recently chosen our services. They are now protected optimally, at low costs. Een Veilig Gevoel innovates, and develops every day. We are a dynamic company where a personal approach and modern technology go hand in hand. 

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