De Goudse Verzekeringen

De Goudse Verzekeringen, an independent family business established in 1924, strong in a wide assortment of financial products and insurance: damage, care, income and life insurance, chose Een Veilig Gevoel as prevention partner.

They selected Een Veilig Gevoel because our business model fits in perfectly with the ideas of De Goudse Verzekeringen.

This cooperation has led to, among others, Een Veilig Gevoel offering the clients of De Goudse Verzekeringen extensive prevention packs. Because of this, the clients are completely unburdened in the area of safety and the insurance company knows that their clients did the maximum to prevent calamities, through cooperation with a reliable partner. This enables them to be paid out sooner in case of, for instance, damage.

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Member advantage sector organisations

Een Veilig Gevoel B.V. is the proud partner of the sector organisations FNRS, Bidfood (previously Deli XL) and Recron, organisations that play it safe when choosing a partner. The fact that these renowned organisations choose Een Veilig Gevoel as their security partner is something we are proud of.

Your advantage: Members/client of our cooperation partners get four months for free. The discount is deducted from the monthly amount. This is at least a €119.80 discount, and can even run up to over one thousand euro!

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